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Artists•Shun Kadohashi

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Portrait ©Vasantha Yogananthan

My favourite thing at the studio

Shun Kadohashi lives and works in a small fishing village at the southern tip of the Bosô peninsula in Japan.

– Home and studio — together or apart?

Do you have any daily rituals?
Nothing in particular.

– What is the first art book you remember?
I don’t remember anything about my first encounter with an art book.
Yesterday, I bought a book about Anthony Caro’s paper work.

– What is your studio/creative soundtrack?
Any music released by Powershovel Audio.

– What is the favourite thing you have in your studio?
An Ipod Classic.

Did you always want to be an artist?
I still don’t understand who I am, so I don’t know if I’m an artist or not.
I like touching clay, that I know for sure !

– What does a free day look like?

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