Dear friends, collectors and colleagues,

After months of undercover work, we are proud to announce the launch of a collection dedicated to works on paper: drawing, painting, collage…For its debut year, the Coup de Crayon collection invites Iris de Moüy (April 2019), Nathalie du Pasquier (June 2019) and Johanna Tagada (September 2019) to imagine a series as a book.

We are already taking pre-orders as follow:

1. Order the 3 today at a special price and receive them as they are released.
2. Order the first one of the collection, “Horses Are Blue” by Iris de Moüy which will be launched in Paris at Yvon Lambert Bookshop on 5 April 2019 and at the LA Art Book Fair 11-14 April 2019.

Many thanks for your invaluable support on this new and exciting project!