Shôji Ueda book will be on display at Polycopies (Tipi Bookshop booth), Paris Photo (Camera Obscura, booth A48) and in several Parisian bookstores (check our stockists).

“The book is a really lovely monograph that has been very thoughtfully edited to give a narrative direction and an overview of Ueda that gives a feeling for where his work is situated.” (Colin Pantall’s blog)
“Thoughtfully designed by young publisher Chose Commune this is a real treat for devoted fans and newcomers to the work of Ueda. Recommended.” (Martin Amis, Photobookstore)
“Such a beautiful crafted book, I found the color images in the end (different, softer paper) more than wonderful – sure a highlight in book-making this year!” (Josef Chladek, Virtual Bookshelf)

Shôji Ueda
Short story by Toshiyuki Horie
Graphic design: Atelier Pentagon
188 pages
90 duotone and colour plates
22 cm x 29 cm
Trilingual: English, French, Japanese
1200 copies
ISBN : 978-2-9548777-1-6