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Nathalie Du Pasquier
First edition / 25€

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Nathalie Du Pasquier made the 50 drawings featured in Andata Ritorno in a short time-frame during summer 2018. This book is a captivating journey between reality and the imaginary as Du Pasquier presents everyday objects as transient sculptures next to intriguing geometric shapes that together create colourful and vibrant layouts.

Nathalie Du Pasquier was born in Bordeaux, France in 1957. She moves to Milan in 1979 and becomes one of the founding members of the Memphis Group. During those years, she designed numerous “decorated surfaces”: textiles, carpets, objects, furniture and patterns for other designers. Since 1987, her main focus and passion has been painting.

The Coup de Crayon collection presents the personal work of artists practising painting, drawing or collage. For 2019, Coup de Crayon invited Iris de Moüy, Nathalie du Pasquier and Johanna Tagada to imagine a series as a book.


Nathalie Du Pasquier

Collection Coup de Crayon
68 Pages
17 x 22.5 cm
50 drawings

First edition June 2019
ISBN: 979-10-96383-11-5

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